How it Works

Email us to book a date for your sessions

  • Sessions are 85 – 100 minutes each and include all the ingredients and supplies for up to 30 students per session.
  • There is a minimum booking of 3 sessions in the same room on the same day and we can do up to 4 sessions in a full day.
  • All sessions must be scheduled in the same room on the same day to minimize set-up requirements (we bring a lot of equipment.)
  • The room must be available 30 – 60 minutes before your first session for setup and 15 minutes after your last session for cleanup.
  • Since cleanup is part of the activity, sessions can be scheduled back-to-back.

Each session includes three segments

  • The students prepare a kid-friendly French recipe under our step-by-step guidance.
  • One of the volunteers takes the food to the school oven for baking.
  • While the food cooks we use story-boards to tell of how the French people came to colonize Canada.
  • The presentation can be in French or English and is adjusted to the level of the group.  Chef Suzanne uses AIM gestures if requested.
  • The wrap-up segment includes serving, eating, socializing, listening to authentic Acadian music and clean-up.

Here’s what we do

  • Arrive 45 – 60 minutes early to set up the room for your sessions.
  • At the beginning of each session we will organize your students into groups and assign their tasks.
  • Bring everything we’ll need – ingredients, aprons, cookware, plates, spoons, cups, napkins, table cloths, tea towels, music, etc.
  • Bring English language instruction sheets for the volunteers/assistants.
  • Send a follow-up lesson and the recipe to you for review with your class after the session.

Here’s what we need you to provide please

  • A classroom suitably sized for 7 workstations plus a separate area with chairs for our presentation.  We bring a LOT of equipment (on wheels) so a main floor classroom close to parking is ideal.  A classroom with a sink is preferred (a Home Ec room works great!)  If there are stairs and no elevator, we will need assistance please.
  • Enough desks or tables for us to create 7 work surfaces in total when we set up the room.  Each work surface can be 2 or 3 desks put together if in a classroom or if in a larger room like a gymnasium or multi-purpose room we can use 7 regular 5 foot tables.  The students stand to work so no desks with attached chairs please.
  •  All sessions must be scheduled in the same room as our setup is fairly extensive so we are only able to set up once per day.
  • Access to the school oven (a volunteer takes the ingredients for baking while we present the story) and a chalk board ledge  for our story-boards.
  • For Elementary schools, five volunteers plus the in-charge teacher (normally the French teacher) per session are needed to assist.  At least one full-day volunteer is highly recommended for continuity. Volunteers can be parents, grandparents, other teachers, or EA’s and they are key to the success of your sessions.
  • For high schools, generally only one volunteer (or the in-charge teacher if the oven is in the room) is needed to do the baking while we’re presenting the story.
  • Up to thirty students per session with their hands washed before the session starts and who have learned the terminology we will use in the recipe.

The cost

  • Our fees are per day and vary depending on the time and distance we need to travel to get to your school.
  • For schools located in one of our local areas 3-session days are $590.00 plus HST and 4-session days are $720.00 plus HST.  That works out to just around $6 – 7 per student and no bus to pay for!
  • The cost can often be covered by Ministry Funding, your school’s Culture Budget or the SCC.
  • Many schools ask the parents to pay $6 to $9 per student to cover the cost.

A school is generally considered local if it is located less than 45 minutes travel from the Consultant doing your sessions.

Travel to locations beyond 45 minutes travel is generally possible but depending on your location we may need to coordinate these bookings with other schools in the same area. If you can book at least 2 consecutive days it will provide more flexibility with dates.

A daily travel surcharge will apply to help cover the additional travel and accommodation costs to out-of-area schools or where travel on toll roads or through heavy traffic areas is required

We have 4 Chef Consultants so the closest consultant to your school will normally be assigned to your booking.  If a suitable date is not available another Consultant may do be assigned and a travel surcharge may then apply.

Our Consultants are currently located in Port Perry, Brantford, Fergus, & Trenton.

Note that all of our materials are copyrighted. You may copy or forward the materials we email to you but please do not copy any of the materials we bring to your sessions. Photographs and short video clips during the cooking sessions are fine but close-ups of our materials or video of our storyboard presentation are not permitted.